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Welcome to the premier website for earth-friendly outdoor gear and equipment.
Our outdoor products are built extra strong... extra tough... and provide extra comfort. 
Designed for years of rugged use, we use only top materials & expert craftsmanship.

We do guarantee these products will provide you additional comfort & 
more enjoyment
, wherever your outdoor adventures may take you!

We know the importance of quality equipment. When you’re out enjoying the outdoors, you depend on your equipment. Earth Products Store designs and builds equipment that can perform under very demanding conditions- reliable equipment that you can trust for years and years of solid performance.


Folding aluminum chairs, aluminum camp cots, fishing chairs, even our director’s chairs are all built to exacting specifications.

Our solar rechargeable lanterns have been in hospitals in Kenya that have no electricity, our cots have helped take care of people during natural disasters, and our tables have been used at many family barbeques. Whether in the back yard, at the nearby park, backpacking, car camping, rafting or even traveling for a day or a week, we have everything you need to enjoy your outdoor experience. Solar camping lanterns, portable chairs, folding camping table with chairs, roll cot beds… all of our products here at Earth Products Store wil add to your outdoor comfort level!


If you are new to outdoor experience or are a seasoned camper, we gladly share our products with you. Our web site is designed to make online shopping easy and safe. If you’re as intense about your equipment as you are about your adventures, then this is the right place for equipment.


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